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Plus Restaurant Cusco

Enjoy an exciting array of a la carte dishes, cocktails, and drinks in a warm and cozy ambience boasting an extraordinary view of the Plaza de Armas. Enjoy our grilled selections prepared with select cuts of meat and a distinct touch, the local flavors and colors of our traditional Cusqueño and Andean dishes, and our fusion dishes presenting well-loved international meals prepared with unique Peruvian ingredients.


We are located in the heart of Cusco, at Portal de Panes 151 2nd Floor, Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Reservations are available from Monday to Sunday from 7am to 11pm.  Come and enjoy yourself along with your family, spouse, and friends in Cusco’s best restaurant!

Our specials


Sauces are What Makes Peruvian Cuisine So Good

Peruvian cuisine emphasizes freshness, and sauces are a large part of the magic which transforms humble, fresh ingredients into palate-pleasing cuisine.

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Celebrate Creole Music Day with These Great Dishes

Although October 31st is most famously Halloween night, in Peru its also Creole Music Day. This makes it the perfect time to explore one specific side of Peruvian cuisine: creole food.

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6 Unusual Peruvian Fruits to Try in Cusco

These six unusual Peruvian fruits can be easily found in local market in Cusco, and offer new flavors to eager travelers.

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